Experience of being a pregger

Hello everyone !!! I am glad to commence a blog on my experience of being a first time mom ,who is awaiting baby soon in december.Let me start with my first trimester.


My husband and myself was shell shocked when I checked on my pregnancy tests as we didn’t have any plan on having a baby any time soon .we both had mixed emotions on confirming the pregnancy and we eventually we’re happy that we are going to be a parent in 9 months down .I had nausea through out day and night till the end of 4 months ,didn’t feel like eating, talking or going out anywhere .I always felt like couching and ignored juice,solids.My weight has gone down from 61 kgs to 55kgs in 6 weeks .I was dehydrated and had to be admitted in hospital for a week for drips .I felt better only when I had multivitamin drips rather than having anything oral .I was given medication for nausea which didn’t not work out ,so I have to get myself injected everday so that something stays in my stomach .My husband and my in laws were really sweet and they helped me get this phase very patiently and kindly .I used to avoid everything and sit alone at my room .I couldnt eat spinach , fruits in any form especially pomogranate which was my favourite became my enemy during my pregnancy .Felt exhausted and worried at the end of my first trimester


I was getting back to form from my bad experiences and started to have food in small Servings .My doctor advised me to go out and deviate myself from fear by going to anti natal classes .Yup that worked out well .I just enrolled my name in Vriksham anti natal class the class is run by Anupama who has been certified especially on this .I was feeling so relieved and glad to spend my time with co mother’s who came to attend the class .She gave guidance on how to be when  a women is pregnant and encouraged me to be happy that I am having a wonderful baby in my womb and to cherish the moments of a pregger 👶🙂.I got a positive vibration in her classes and educated myself on how to take things happy so that my baby in my womb gets all the endorphins secreted from myself .MOTHERS WHEN YOU ARE PREGNANT BE POSITIVE AND HAPPY AS YOU DO THIS YOU HORMONES RELEASE A BEAUTIFUL HORMONE CALLED ENDORPHINS WHICH YOU WILL NOT GET AS A TABLET IN ANY MEDICAL SHOP .THOSE HORMONE RELAXES YOUR BODY AND BRINGS HAPPINESS TO BOTH BABY AMD YOURSELF.  AT the end of my second trimester I learned a lot about myself and my working of the body .My husband was so happy by seeing me change in my thoughts and activities .The most happiest and loveliest moments was when we both saw our baby in scan 🙂 at that moment we felt so blessed and happy and cherished every moment form then .we started talking to the baby every night.


Felt so much relieved and happy when I entered in 7th month because my baby will come out in two months time .Baby shower and lots of people pampering me that was an awesome experience and I am still enjoying this phase as I am in my 35 the week .When to baby Moon and had all the fun .My husband and my in laws made sure that I am happy always .My husband took such care of me that I feel I am the most luckiest wife on Earth .To all the husbands out there take good care of your wife at the time of pregnancy as that is the time where you develope a bond that is unexplainable one must experience it .I am so much blessed to have a husband who took immemse care of me and always asks me whether I am making you happy and I say yes you are love . the whole family is eagerly waiting for the baby’s arrived👶🙂My experience of being a pregger


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