My version of FREEDOM

Freedom is our birth right,but our freedom is restricted in various phases of our life time. From new born to 5 years totally dependant on parent for each and everything .At the age of 10 years a part of our scores become free .Eg the imagination of things we see and the way we react to it  at that time was the freedom.From 15 to 20 years of age it is a crucial and very tough time to cope up with parents and our freedom .At that time we think we should do what we want and who else to restrict me .It is an age where parents become more strict and they always overlook us on each and every activity we do .From the  age 20 to 25 we are constrained to more on studies and worry about our future .we sacrifice stuffs to achieve those targets ,freedom gets a bang on there .From 25 to 30 Marriage it plays a major role in our life .A person may be peaceful or may not be in harmony due to many factors in social life our freedom gets affected there .At the age of 30 to 50 we go through many ups and downs .The graph of freedom  goes high and then comes down due to factors like kids ,financial matters ,society .From 50 to 70 our freedom is restricted by our kids again we go back to the age of 10 years . But those restrictions can be overcomed by views on below topics

My take on Freedom fighters view

The most common factor that we see in all the freedom fighters are whatever may be the reason say it the British governments rigourous fights on us , the freedom fighters  didn’t give up their thoughts there stands the Freedom .Be it the extremists or the ahimsas they had different ways to attain the same goal .But they didn’t give up on their thoughts and actions .so what I acquired and my view on freedom was thoughts  +action equals to freedom .

My take on Freedom for women in society

We can’t always blame on male that we don’t have freedom to do what we think .There are great gentlemen who abolished SATI fought for the welfare of women.There are gem of persons who fought for women  education.My take on freedom here is people are there to support and moreover it is our strong thought to establish anything we want .Thought +action equals Freedom .

Freedom for women dated back from times of history 

Jhansi Rani the  great queen who fought against her enemies vigourously did not rely on anybody for help .she thought that she can do it all by herself  .Thought + action becomes freedom .she was a living example for people at her times .

So what is freedom to me

I would say my definition of freedom is what I learnt ,read ,saw and experienced by thoughts and actions  .I would say freedom is something which comes from ourself .Nobody can restrict us when our thought are strong .when our thoughts which is our rudimental basement is strong obviously our action is going to be successful .whatever may be the reasons one must have not give up on their freedom.It is an intangible asset which no one can steal it or morph it .So never give up on your thoughts and actions  and never blame on others for not attaining the joy of freedom .when we think we want to do it put it into actions and enjoy the fruitfulness of freedom .

This blog post is a part of #LetsDiscussFreedomBlogathon.I would like to thank   jasmeet from for introducing me

I would like to introduce Pavneet from and recommend you to read her views on the prompt,’what Does Freedom Means To You’ -content/uploads/2018/01/24E13E5D-D8CF-4779-A084-23394505350D.jpeg


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