My take on FREEDOM to KIDS!


Freedom must be given to KIDS at every stage of their life .Parents who give freedom to their kids from young age see the success of their kids in future .There is a proverb called ‘what you sow ,so shall you reap’ .what ever you impart in kids at young age affects their future.The imagination of the kids are developed only when they are allowed to explore .

A child in home brings happiness to us and every mother overprotects their kids a lot due to mother instincts ,that we over care our kids a lot .over protecting ,over pampering is not good for kids and kids take advantage on us.They start to use our emotional feelings to get whatever they want .It is totally wrong , a kid at every stage of their childhood must be given responsibility and ownership . We must correct them and differentiate their approach and our approach towards their (kids) view.Never tell your kid ,’dont do that ,don’t do this’ because kids are curious to do new things .Let them try out and find their way ,how to tackle with it .we must not always teach them correct version before they could know mistakes only when kids make mistakes they tend to learn by themselves . Parents must watch their kids patiently at each and every new step they take in .

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My way of giving freedom to kids

Encouragement :

It is the most important factor ,always encourage your kids new experiments .Kids who are free to experiment develops great skills


Kids are always curious to do anything they encounter new . Their curiosity must not be interrupted at any time .Curiosity in kids helps in developing their self confidence .


Freedom given to kids learns to be responsible and organised too .when kids are given responsible they learn to tackle situations

Freedom given to kids build their self confidence + Responsibility + logical thinking + tackling situations .

This blog post is a part of #LetsDiscussFreedomBlogathon.I would like to thank jasmeet from http://mommyvoyage.comfor introducing me

I would like to introduce Pavneet from and recommend you to read her views on the prompt,โ€™what is your take on freedom to kids ‘ -content/uploads/2018/01/24E13E5D-D8CF-4779-A084-23394505350D.jpeg


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