Letter of love to Mom &Dad

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Dear Mom and Dad ,

I am so much excited to write this letter to you ,as I am writing a letter after 15 years .I remember my first letter to you on my 9th birthday .I was jealous of my younger sister being pampered more than me which made me dejected and wrote my feelings then .Both of you replied me that how much you love me and I was happy for that reply .

Now,after one and half decade I am happy to share my thoughts and feelings to you both .Ladies first , mom I realise the importance of you after I became a mom . I can imagine the sacrifices ,pain during labor and pregnancy,the ways you outgrew postpartum ,the patience you followed through out the way you brought me up .I remember the childhood being smooth ,happy and stress free because of you mom .I look back how much you meticulously focused on providing healthy food ,clean clothes and on each and every detail regarding me .I admire ,how optimistically you fought cancer ,not once,but twice.Now , I being a mom of 2 months old boy ,take an oath that I will care him like how you brought me up .


Mom ,I remember the days you took me out for having panipoori, every Fridays to make me happy .It’s a super cool nostalgic moment for me .I love you so much Mom .I wish your grandson will get those pampering and care from you soon .



Dad , you are my greatest inspiration ,though we didn’t have many conversations ,the way you cared for me was different .you always made me walk in the front and watch my every step .You made me to fall and learn my mistakes on my own, you didn’t overlook me and gave me all the freedom to make decisions .you always wanted me to be on high grounds in my career .I have that part of me to accomplish dad .I promise you that I will achieve in my life ,your guidelines and teaching will never go unused .

I remember the days you told me about the importance of YOGA .You always insisted me on reading books and practising yoga .I always missed you so much Dad , your thoughts about everything was different .I always longed to be with you in my childhood ,but you were busy in BUSINESS. You haven’t expressed me your care visually but deep inside I get the vibe of your blessings ,live and care. Dad, I wanted you to teach my son the lessons of life and I am waiting to see that and cherish every bits of those grandfather and grandson moments .Now ,we are in distance but one day we will all be together and happy dad .Love you loads from heart MOM and DAD 😘😍.My advance wishes to your 25th silver anniversary mom and dad πŸ™‚

I would like to thank shruti for introducing me. You can read her post here https://fastnfeminist.wordpress.com/ .

I would also like to introduce my fellow blogger Aritra you can read her wonderful post on the prompt http://www.thelattemom.com


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