Letter to my friend

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Dear nive ,

           you have instilled many changes in me without your knowledge .I learned to be little extrovert after becoming friend with you.Let me get you back before 6 years and tell you the tale of becoming friend with you.It was our first day of college ,after orientation we headed to our classes ,that was the day I saw you first .I mistook you to be Sujithra and had a conversation with you (hope you remember that ).I didn’t have any friends from my school .I felt little lonely for first 2 months .you joined in rotract club and you were canvassing and getting sponsors for the club .I gave sponsors and that’s how we became friends .Those days were golden days for me.

Happy forever moments with you :👭

First movie day with you was Alex Pandian that was my first day first show movie .Movie wasn’t good but we did enjoy bunking

👭 our first lunch spot was Snacks corner .we used to have yummy sandwiches .Later they demolished that and we started to have in canteen
👭 our chatting spot near nutrition and dietic lab became our property for three years of college life .Every break and lunch we used to chit chat there .
👭 Our favourite spot outside college was marry brown which was about half a kilometre distance .we used to walk there bunking last hour classes with teachers permission.see how lucky we were to enjoy those days .Think we even celebrated a birthday there .sadly , marry brown was closed .
👭 you were the beauty queen of college and many boys flirted with you .we all used to call you horse as you keep jumping all the time .
👭 The fun we had in class ,we used to have gala time mocking our teachers.
👭 I wouldn’t have got guts to bunk classes if you weren’t given company .Remember we used to bunk Cow sir’s ,Bhuvaneshwari ma’am class before they could enter the class.It was so much fun
👭 can’t figure out the movies we bunked and watched and even the places we hang out for lunch .
Unforgettable funny moments
🤡 Even now I think of Vicky’s car drive I become nervous .He was a rash driver then and we were caught by a person and was warned by him .
🤡 It was one our classmates birthday .we actually walked to anandas restaurant in scorching sunlight which was located in a kilometre distance .we had lunch and decided to come back to college by bus .we didn’t know how to catch a bus .we took a point to point bus instead of town bus and the bus conductor mocked us like don’t you know this .Such an embarrassing funny moment.
🤡 Remember Bhuvaneshwari ma’am English accent and how we used to mock her accent .
🤡 IV trips fun

Some appolozises to you 

🙁 the way I made to break up with your boy friend and I regret a lot for that .
🙁you met with an accident on my birthday and I couldn’t see u the same day .
🙁Towards the end we didn’t talk much and there was distance a little between us .

some thanking moments to you :
💃you encouraged me to join in competitions and broke my shyness
💃you always spread positive thoughts and you were my great support in my wedding and I am great full to you always nive.

you wanted to be an IAS officer and your working hard for that from 11th standard .I wish you all success in your career .

from you
forever friend
Aparna (Aps)

I would like to thank Mohita for introducing me. You can read her post here http://mommaloveskabir.blogspot.in

I would also like to introduce my fellow blogger Prisha Lalwani you can read her wonderful post on the prompt http://www.mummasaurus.com


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  1. Aparna I’m blessed to have a friend like you and grateful to god that you accept me as one. It’s always a fun n frolic moment with you and I love you ❤️😘

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