Letter to my future !!!

I am thrilled to be participating in a five day ‘LOL-a-thon’ organised by ‘The Momsteins’. Join us to read some wonderful letters written by 26 cool bloggers. Stay around to read some amazing letters coming up.


Dear me,
Hello future Aparna , it’s cool to write to you . I will be Congratulating you on becoming an entrepreneur and leading the business excellently.I will be applauding you for managing Ariyan ,hub and business in right proportion .There will be many challenging hurdles, you will cross those hurdles beautifully and head towards success path .Your backbone for everything is your hub and you will be thankful and grateful to him .

Wish to see Good changes in you:

πŸ’ƒyou will be an optimistic person
πŸ’ƒyou will become an ideal mom
πŸ’ƒyou will be cooking on your own
πŸ’ƒ you will be feeling happy in keeping your body fit
πŸ’ƒyou wont rely on others for money.
πŸ’ƒyou will get along with your mom and dad
I will be seeing these transformation in you .

My husband’s note to you :

As you will be an inevitable person in the family and you will be becoming a responsible person ,every step you take, will be checked and rechecked by you several times before implementation. you will became an influential person .

Time for yourself :

yes ,you have to give yourself a break and take up small trips with your friends and family to gear you up .There will be times, when you will feel dejected and feel lonely ,take a drive for yourself and you will be fine .

Lovely wife to my husband :

Be prompt and prioritize his words always ,he is your driving force and you will be happy always .I am damn sure he will be the happiest person to see you becoming growing high in your career .

Super mom to my son :

Provide him with all the best you can ,he is going to be the popular person in the world .So, your ideologies and the way of teaching every aspect is mandatory to him .He will be proud of you πŸ˜ƒ
Proud daughter to my dad and mom :

your success in ur business will make your parent satisfied and proud .you will be so much satisfied in your life 😊.

Past cannot be retrieved ,but future can be designed in your imagination.
Past is the barren land ,where future is the fertile land .
Past may be bad stories but, future going to be a long tale happy story .
Past incidents drives to be better in future .
From yourself 😊

I would like to thank Lohitha for introducing me. You can read her post here

I would also like to introduce my fellow blogger Charu Sajeen Gujjal you can read her wonderful post on the prompt https://themomsagas.com/


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  1. i like what you write, dear but I feel your expectations from yourself are unrealistic. An ideal mom is just a phrase in the books – every mom is the best mom for their child no matter what they do. Have great goals, but keep them real πŸ™‚ that is somewhere the key to happiness.

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