Letter to my love β€οΈπŸŒΉπŸ˜˜

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Dear love of my life ,
you are my shining star always .I love you more than anything on this world ,love.Its our 5th Valentine’s day this year and I am writing this letter to you.5 years back we didn’t know each other and never thought we will be together and have kids .Destiny wanted us to be together and lead a happy family .you have always taken very good care of me at each and every phase. I remember the day I accepted the proposal and dated for first time with you at mall .You presented me a watch ,which i love the most then ,now and forever .Do you remember the days we bunked classes to watch movies and have lunch at restaurants .I wish those days to come back again ,those days were stress free .we didn’t message or talk like other love couples .we both respected each other’s own time and gave space for each other .Think ,that’s why our relationship worked out well 😊.
Golden moments with you
🌹 you made all my birthday best and evergreen .The best birthday was my 1st and 4th birthday that’s because only we both celebrated ,felt romantic 😊.
🌹 you always gave the best you can ,to me .You take so much care of me wherever you take me .I had faith in you and left my parents behind to come with you .you never failed that ,you gave me all that you can love .I am indebted to you always .
🌹 Last year this month you took me to Singapore and that was my first abroad trip .I had all the fun throughout the trip .

🌹 our chillings at Ooty are unforgettable.

🌹you made me comfortable with your family members and made sure they made me happy and vice versa .
🌹 you take me to all the movies as soon as it gets released .
🌹And on top of all that you took care like a mom throughout my pregnancy .I am so much proud of you love .

Last year was our milestone .you were trying to follow your passion .you were so much into movies and you were coming up with short films .you were planning to go to Chennai and give a try for an year or so .Actually I didn’t want you to leave me here ,but didn’t show up much to you .But ,destiny had something for us .yes ,my pregnancy was confirmed on the day you left to Chennai and you had to come back home the next day (for your note it was on April 18 ,2017).Love, you gave up your passion to take care of me 😘😘love you honey bun .The first four months of pregnancy was bad as I kept vomiting every time .During those times, you were with me and kept comforting me .I didn’t have the urge to be with my mom during my pregnancy .you took so much care of me throughout my pregnancy .our son is going to have the luckiest dad on this Earth . you decided to do maternity and new born photography and your first model was me and baby 😘.As you would always say that I am your lucky charm πŸ’ƒ.Love now you have two lucky charm myself and our son πŸ™‚.Your clicks shows magic and they are mind blowing and you started getting orders .I feel happy at least you were able to follow your passion through photography .
Love , you considered me in every decision you make ,how many wives will get those chances and I am one lucky girl .you have sacrificed many things to see me happy .you always made sure my in laws take good care of me and I always owe to them, they treated me as their own daughter .I show gratitude for that loveπŸ™‚.I remember the diary we used to write during our initial days of our relationship ,those evergreen memories .After a long time ,I am writing this letter to you .I would like to write you a poem for this Valentine’s day
you are the ocean ,where, I be the Cascade which connects .
you are the sky ,where ,I be the star.
you are the fire ,where I be the ashes
you are the oxygen of my life 😍


Forever your bud,
Mrs Aparna J Raj

I would like to thank Anupriya for introducing me. You can read her post here

I would also like to introduce my fellow blogger Archana Nair you can read her wonderful post on the prompt http://www.theindianparentingblog.wordpress.com


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  1. this letter is soo soo beautiful … almost looks like you did not find it that difficult to write!! haha just kidding. I’m very happy that you found such a sweet person as your life partner – though I do feel sad that he had to leave such an important career opportunity. but when life gives you such loving partners, nothing can hold you back. loved scrolling through your pictures – they are an absolute delight!! may love always find its way between you two ❀

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